INTERPROGETTO JAPAN LIMITED. (Hereafter “we”) prescribe privacy policy as follows and build the system of privacy protection. By appreciating its importance of privacy protection completely by all employees, we urge protection of the privacy.

Management of Privacy Information
We keep our members faithfully and updating their information. To prevent illegal access, missing, breakage, manipulate, and leakage of the privacy information, we take essential measures such as maintenance of security systems and management systems, and thoroughgoing stuff training, etc. Then, we will strictly manage the privacy information by taking all measures.
Purpose to Use Privacy Information
Privacy information which we have about our membership, we will use it to send email or paper to contact from us, inform our business, or reply for your inquiry.
Prohibition on Reveal and Provide the Privacy Information to the Third Party
We properly manage our member’s privacy information and not to reveal the information to the third party except in case any of the following is applicable.

  • In case our member is agreed
  • In case we need to reveal the information to an entrust dealer to provide service which our member wanted to have.
  • Agency that is authorized by law or regulation, etc., from the nation, municipality, court, and police and others.
Safety Measure for Privacy Information
We adequately operate to manage our member’s privacy information faithfully and updating the information within the limits we need.
Also, to prevent illegal access, missing, breakage, manipulate, and leakage of the privacy information, and moreover, to manage the privacy information safely, we arrange to take necessary and appropriate measure and make an effort for continuous improvement on the management system for privacy information.
In case the member would like to referral, modify, or eliminate its privacy information in person, we would manage after identifying in person.
Review of Law and Standard
We comply with the law in Japan and standard etc., regarding privacy information. We also properly review this policy and endeavor to improve it.

Please contact to the following about our privacy policy.

TEL: 045-475-3121 FAX: 045-475-3081

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